Who is to be blame Gospel singers becoming worldly singers

    D’Banj is the son of a Pastor..

    KCee is the son of a Pastor…

    Olamide was a Choir master in a popular denomination in Lagos.

    Don Jazzy was an instrumentalist in his Church then.

    Terry G was in Choir before he left to go and sing ‘akpako master’

    And in 2006, his songs were already everywhere.

    In the mouth of both old and young.

    Timaya was in Choir in a popular denomination too.

    Timaya said he fasts for several days before going to sing any of those his songs that he used to disciple this generation.

    He said, he will pray till an ‘anointing’ rest on him before he goes to sing “Dey don kill them mama”

    That’s why I know that God did not only raise Mercy Chinwo , Judy Kay, Nathaniel Bassey, Moses Bliss ….

    Don’t you think that God only called GUC, Theophilus Sunday and Satan called Timaya and Rihanna.

    Babylon has never called any man before. It only seeks to perverse.

    Satan has no creative ability, Sir.

    Friend, if Don Jazzy is coming for a show now, crowd will gather for him.

    These are the same people that would’ve gathered for him too if he was singing to God.

    They hear him faster than the message of their pastor.

    You don’t know how many youths believe Don Jazzy more than Bishop Oyedepo, Sir!

    It was the ear of that generation that was at stake when the heart of that brother was captured.

    Now they can only hear him sing about naked women and that’s what has become the reality of this generation.

    Friend, if Duncan Mighty who was a former choir member calls for a carnival in Portharcourt, you will not see road.

    Currently, Olamide and his boys have the capacity to jam any of the stadiums(Stadia) in Lagos.

    And they can keep those people there until whenever they feel like to let them go home.

    You see, the same people you were designed to lead to heaven can follow you to hell just because you’re not saved.

    This is not about anybody…

    I want to let you know that it was not Satan that called Lady Gaga…

    Can I also tell you that it was not a demon that called Micheal Jackson?

    The same God that called Don Moen called him…

    But to every destiny, there will come a day, babylon will write to you.

    May I announce to you? No matter the tongue you’re speaking now, this world will not stop offering you their wine.

    So that the generation tied to you will not hear Elohim.

    Friend, the same passion that Paul had with the Devil when he was working for him was the same passion that he used when God captured him.

    That’s why I am afraid of any passionate man that has no altar.

    He can become anything, if not now, later.

    Pray for any man that has seen a future but has no prayer life…

    Because the Devil may soon deceive him with his pot of pottage.

    I know you’re gifted…

    I know you can sing…

    You’ve gotten the musical skills.

    You’ve seen a glorious future, Sir!

    But you know you’ve no grip on the God that made the heaven and the earth.

    It won’t be long such a man will make a mistake…

    Very soon, the voice of pressure may soon start talking to him and he will call it God…

    It may soon start telling him to come to Babylon that his Church is not recognizing his grace.

    He may soon lose touch with the ‘Angel of Process’ because of the pressure to foot a bill.

    Many gifted men that left Zion left because they heard a voice that sounded better than the voice of the Angel of Process…

    This angel comes to teach you that no one rises in God as a surprise package! It’s only the Devil that can lift a man without a track record.

    It’s serious!

    The way you’ve brought out time and trained your voice, mastered your voice…

    Will it not be good if you also bring out some time and build energy in the Spirit to deepen your conviction for the days to come?….

    So that no Spirit will deceive you tomorrow?

    Is it not time to go back to finding God for yourself and for your generation?

    What happened to those days you wake up with prayer in your mouth?

    What happened to that your heart that was ready to serve even God would not make you ‘blow’?

    Sir, you were genuine then!

    Now you’re just under pressure!

    God deliver this generation from this spirit of pressure. It has sacked many people from the process of their destiny.

    All in the name to make it!

    Friend, it’s time to go back to your prayers.

    Those days of sincere tears and worship… Chai!

    Fear any man who wants to blow on earth who has not blown in eternity…. Babylon is calling!

    Fear any man who wants to be heard but has not heard God…

    Fear any man who wants to be known that doesn’t want to go and know God.

    Babylon loves to see us like that!

    I pray for you…

    As you see this, may a burden rest on you to go and look for God in again.

    You will be genuine now!

    Conquer the offer of the Devil to give you the fame that will sabotage your process in God today!

    I pray for you…

    “You(I) will not be corrupted!” Amen!

    Declare that last line again!

    Let us pray!

    @Kingsword AMADI

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