Wedding Outfit Trends You Really Need To See In 2022

    Last year was a hit with series of outfit trends Nigerian weddings witnessed. From the fringed dresses, to the epic Ebuka’s Agbada that made Owanmbe headlines on social media.

    So, with our creative style intuition, we really anticipate these wedding outfits trend for the year 2018:
    1. Fringed Outfits: Since fringes came into the spotlight, they seem to make statements EVERYTIME; and one can’t agree less that they add this sassiness to a lady’s look. We want to see more of fringes this year!

    2. Auto Gele: Automatic gele came to the Owambe scene like three years ago, but it made more appearance than ever last year. We’re definitely certain that more slay mamas would subscribe to it this year, because it eases so much stress gele tying gives and even sits well on the head like a very sleek and Peng crown.

    3. Embellished Aso Oke: This really trended last year, especially the stoned and pearled Aso Oke. We Really want to see how creative designers can get with other materials for embellishment.

    4. Embellished Fila (Hat) For Men: Okay, this isn’t new. Majorly, embroidery threads are used for designs when it comes to men’s fila, but can someone do something extra probably with stones, pearls, buttons etc for men’s fila? We’re waiting.

    5. Aso Oke And Ankara Fusion For Bridal Outfits: Yeah, we saw few pictures of brides in outfits that fused their Aso Oke and Ankara fabrics, and we were dazzled. We’re aware of lace and Ankara and it’s no news, but for Aso Oke and Ankara – we want to get used to it: Let’s see more y’all designers.

    6. Deconstructed Dresses And Sleeves: Isn’t it lovely how we can incorporate just about any fashion style into our Aso Ebi looks? We’re loving the deconstructed dresses and sleeves vibe we’re getting from the Owambe Outfits, and we want to love more this year.

    7. Well-Structured Agbada: Ebuka’s Agbada is still serving as a major inspiration for designers when it comes to making well-structured Agbada. We’re hoping to see more Agbada that would make statement this year.

    Certainly, Other outfits trends would still spring up this year and we’re patiently waiting to be wowed. so, let’s get creative!

    Now, tell me which of the above do you like best? Please kindly comment and don’t hesitate to like and share and please fellow us on our Facebook page.

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