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    The old is gone, and the new is come! Headwraps are speedily taking over every space in our wardrobes and closets once occupied by wide and gigantic brim hats. The new trend is head wraps, and trendy African ladies must understand the best way to tie a bow headwrap, one of the most common styles for tying a head wrap for black ladies. For black ladies, who want to stay fashionable and outstanding on diverse occasions, it is best to understand the secret of looking trendy in headwraps.

    It’s difficult not to gravitate towards head wraps in this part of the world. They help achieve different fashionable purposes and mostly help ladies keep their hair in good shape once called upon and scalp stylishly protected from the scorching sun. One of the best ways to style a head wrap is the bow style – it serves a lot of fashionable purposes and can easily be tied without any expertise.

    Many celebrities are well known for rocking the bowed headwrap for many occasions and events; whenever they want to look trendy and not old with hats. It is not easy for many ladies to recreate some of their perfect styles; however, we have recreated the best way to tie a bow head wrap for any event that stands out like some of the celebrities. Enjoy our simple tutorial to understanding the best way to tie a bow headwrap.

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    Tutorial on the best way to tie a bow headwrap.

    Headscarves and turbans are a great accessory for diverse styling hairstyles and rocking different lady’s apparel. They are indeed a true accessory that has constantly reveal the beauty and glory of a woman and her hairstyle. Scarves are gorgeous, with different colors, they can be tied in so many ways. However, one of the simplest and most beautiful ways to style them is the bow style.

    Here is a tutorial on the best way to tie a bow headwrap, for beginners and experts.  

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    Simple tutorial on the best way to tie a bow headwrap

    1. The only thing you need to tie a beautiful bow headwrap is a very long scarf or a turban. At least it should be 72” x 19” long.

    2. Start putting the head wrap around your head. You can start by placing it around your neck if you have long hairs to get it in good shape.

    3. Bring the ends forward and tie a knot in the front. It’s as simple as tying a shoelace.

    4. Fold the fabric until it creates an oversized bow.

    5. Then hide the ends of the wrap by tucking them into the bow flaps to get a neat result.

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    Now you see that they are quite simple right? That is the best way to tie a bow headwrap without complications and for the best result. Ensure you have a long or adequate head wrap material that can fit your head or hairstyle before you begin, to get the best result.

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