Things You Should Know About Eyes Makeup

    What happens after you have applied your makeup and you are at loss what to do with the eyes? Since many of us are careful with the eyes, we have searched for tips that will make your eyes stand out .  The following are amazing things you should know about your eye makeup.

    • When you applied eye makeup, you should dab dots of highlighter along your eye and brow bone and make sure that you blend in to brighten the area.
    • Make use of your ring finger in applying products to your delicate eye area.
    • A classic smoky eye appearance can be gotten with a combination of little bit of shimmer, a whole lot of smudging and tons of dark eye shadow.
    • A darker shade of concealer can be used in covering up puffy eyes.  The bags will look less pronounced with darker colors recede.
    • For those who want better defined appearance, a cream black eye pencil can be used in riming the eyes. The darker shades of nude and brown create a subtle smoky eye. However, the rest of the face has to be soft if you are going for a smoky eye.
    • Those with brown eyes should make use of the navy blue shadow. If you have blue eyes, go for the peach colours over the lids and underneath the eyebrows.
    • Go for two colours that are different but similar on the lids for a dimension.
    • If you want to reduce puffy eyes, rub ice cubes on them.

    There are many tips for you to make your eyes stand out in an event. With some of these tips and many other tricks on the eyes, you can use in looking gorgeous.  We hope that you will make use of some of these tips for your beauty.

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