Classic men suit style and types for different occasions

    I guess that you’ve probably seen different types of suit styles, but what is the thing that defines them?

    There can be no doubt that a man’s suit is the most versatile and universally accepted clothing item in his wardrobe. There are not many occasions where a quality suit will look out of place.

    When worn with confidence and some fashion know-how, the suit can easily become the cornerstone of any man’s style. Purchasing his first suit marks a man’s initial step towards elegance via personal expression.

    Clothing that dampens your confidence and makes you feel uncomfortable can do more damage to your look than good. Regardless of how ‘classy’ or expensive they might be.

    Below are some of designed classic suits style for men

    Differences in Suit Styles

    A lot of factors need to come together to produce the best suit for the man wearing it.

    There’s the fabric the suit is made from, including weight and color. Then there’s the level of customization, number of buttons, and the lapel shape, etc.

    When we talk about cut, we need to take into account two factors:

    1. The size and shape of the man wearing the suit.
    2. The overall silhouette that’s created when the suit is worn.

    Both 1 and 2 are the main reasons why a good tailor is worth their weight in gold – budget permitting.

    The tailor can cut a suit to enhance the wearer’s best features while masking any flaws. Skills you just don’t get with off-the-rack or made-to-measure suits.

    Single vs. Double Breasted

    Your choice of wearing a single or double-breasted suit will be a matter of personal preference. The double-breasted suit can look more formal, but either is perfectly acceptable for most occasions.

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