Aso Ebi Styles with Burnt Orange Lace

    A little research shows that burnt orange seems to be the latest Aso Ebi Lace colour Nigerian brides opt for on their big day. It is the newest colour for weddings and i totally love it. You know what’s even better? Burnt orange looks pretty great on dark skin. See our top picks on burnt orange lace aso ebi styles below.

     #MrandMrsShoo aso-ebi girls served us beautiful looks on the couple’s wedding day, all the styles they rocked were just superb. But what drew our attention to their styles was the amazing colours they all rocked, what burnt orange goodness! We see this colour taking the front stag on aso-ebi styles in the coming months, the same way green and onion pink has been doing wonders. Check out the styles the #MrsandMrsShoo aso-ebi girls rocked in Burnt Orange.

    Photo Credit: Getty.

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