African Men Clothing

    The Senator wears will always be a Nigerian man’s must-have fashion piece. What is there not to love? It is classy, convenient and versatile. It is perfect positioning outfit any man can easily throw on. As the saying goes, “How you dress is how you would be addressed”.

    When you want to be addressed as a real man, throw on traditional men native wear and you are good. The agbada gives that “Oga Boss” look easily but the Senator does the same without looking like you tried too hard. It does it so you can be both comfortable while looking uber-stylish.

    The Senator Men’s wear can either be in a long sleeved or short sleeved form with quite a variety of colors to make a choice from as well as well tailored designs to suggest to your tailor.It can be worn with classy looking slides, sandals or shoes.

    It all depends on how dressy the occasion is. Below are some features of the Nigerian senator wears for men.

    Senator suit styles for men are distinctive and unlike every other native attire for men, it requires intelligent skills and very creative mind to cut out an authentic and unique look. Seriously, majority of men are head over heels with the senator style. They make the wearer appear classy and fashionable even though they are usually not embroidered. Senator suits can be best summed in one word: ingenious.

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