7 Simple Makeup Tips For Women That Wear Glasses

    Women who wear glasses look beautiful with makeup but they hardly wear makeup due to several reasons.

    The perception is that no matter the amount of makeup you apply, it most likely would not be visible. Well, that is not true. Geeky ladies are allowed to look cute.

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    If you wear glasses and you’re lost on how to look glam, we’re here to provide you tips so, you can look fabulous.

    1. Eyebrows

    Most ladies that wear eyeglasses neglect eyebrows because they feel their frames will cover the brows. Your eyebrows play a vital role in your look.  Remember always emphasize your brows, brush, trim/tweeze and keep them intact.

    2. Eye Liner

    Eyeliners might not be so obvious on ladies that wear eyeglasses. So you have to switch it up with the colour or eyeliner you wear. Wear a colour lighter than your frames so your eyes can pop out. For black frames, you can go for grey, brown or navy liner. For brown frames, you can go for taupe or bronze liner. For thick frames call for thick eyeliner and the same goes for thin frames and complimenting thin eyeliners.


    A bright eyeshadow will work perfectly for ladies that wear eyeglass. Highlight the eyeshadow colours on your lid and medium shade colour in your crease. Make sure you blend in the eyeshadow properly so they can look fleek.


    Use mascara to raise your eyelashes but do not apply them to your lower eyelashes to prevent creating and casting a shadow on your glasses. You can also use a coloured mascara. They’re fancy and funky.

    5.Foundation And Powder

    When your eyes are covered, what is seen are your cheeks, and you have to make those parts appealing. Taking the time to work the face and smooth out with the right foundation and/or powder is the best way to keeps the eyes in the spotlight.


    For those that wear eyeglasses, the lower part of their eyes is always darker. Go for a lighter shade of concealer to help you make your eye pop and add an even tone to your skin.


    For ladies that wear glasses, wear bright coloured or bold lipstick like pink, red, purple and many more. Most times nude lipstick gives a dull look for ladies that wear eyeglasses.

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