One of the best styles you can sew with your Ankara fabric is a short gown. That is why we have carefully selected these latest 40+ Ankara short gown styles. The idea of this look book is to inspire your fashion sense and help you make a choice of the next Ankara short gown style.

    These day short gowns are worn to almost everywhere- from the classroom as a student to the work place as a worker.From cinemas to shopping center. Ankara short gown abounds where you go. It is widely accepted and it fits all outings.

    Ankara short gowns comes in different styles – flare short gowns, midi straight gowns or short pencil gowns. Short gown are really stylish.. it simply depends on what you are comfortable with.

    The style you choose or make with your Ankara fabric is up to you so long as you are comfortable in what you wear and of course modest in your dressing.

    Scroll down to see the 40+ latest Ankara short gown styles  and make your choice as you slay this season.

    ****Photo Credit -Instagram and Printerest

    @Rita Dominic


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