Hi everyone,As we all know, fashion they say keep evolving and despite the pandemic the creative juice of fashion designers keep flowing especially our Nigerian fashion designers who are constantly stepping up their game in terms of creating unique asoebi styles for party guests .One thing I have noticed recently is that fashion designers now put extra efforts on or should I say “play” more with the sleeves of their recent designs to give their clients jaw dropping outfitsThey sew a basic fitted dress for asoebi and then create some drama on the sleeves which immediately switch the dress from zero to 100%.We must also note that these dramatic sleeves design {in my opinion} is not for every BODY FRAME, because some can be overpowering and appear overwhelming on some body shapes which at the end of day make you look like a drag queen.For instance, someone with a petite stature might appear smaller if the sleeves on her outfit are too bogus while another person with a bigger body frame will make heads turn in the same dress.In view of this, I will advise that before you try out these beautiful designs with dramatic sleeves make sure you seek your designer’s opinion. And in case you want to replicate any of the asoebi designs I will be showing you in this post, make sure it is perfect for your body frame.

Now, let’s take a look at pictures of some beautiful asoebi designs with perfect dramatic sleeves:

Let your sleeves do the talking! The dramatic or exaggerated sleeve trend has been around for a while now and they are statement sleeves that seem to be the new favourite for fashionistas around the world and for a bold #Fashionandstylez. This fashion detail elevates your outfit from simple to sophisticated,  giving the wearer an edgy yet classy spin. They come in various styles, from voluminous bell sleeves, frills, layered sleeves to exaggerated cuffs. Its safe to say this style trend has no limit when it comes to a fabric choice, they can be made with different fabrics (from Ankara, lace, chiffon) the list goes on depending on your choice of style. #fashionandstylez has found a way to pull off the dramatic sleeves effortlessly, by  incorporating it into #asoebi styles and we are here for it.

Find a few fab picks of statement-making sleeves below.

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